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What you unlock with HuntWise Pro

Land Boundaries for all 50 States

Get public/private boundary lines and owner names for ALL 50 STATES!

Owner Information + Phone Lookup

Get land owner's phone number, address and acreage.

Unlock 250+ Map Layers

With HuntWise PRO you will unlock over 250 state and federal map overlays.

Peak Kill Time

Get the Peak Kill Time of The Week for 14 different species.

Save up to 20% on Top Brands

Unlock exclusive discounts on top hunting brands and get access to new releases, promos, and more.

7-Day HuntCast

Get the most powerful deer movement prediction tool in the world. With the HuntCast algorithm, you can plan your hunt with a 7-day forecast of peak movement times.

Localized Rut Detection

We’ve identified at a county level when the rut will start in the area you hunt. We’ll notify you when the rut is heating up and this will be reflected in your HuntCast score.

Know your area

Public/Private Land Boundaries

Get access to land boundaries for public and private land for all 50 states.

Discover Land

Parcel data and owner information

Get access to landowner information including acreage, address and land owner names.

Request access

Land owner phone number

Contact landowners to get access to new hunting land or ask to access public land in an unconventional way.

Know when to hunt

Peak movement times

Access peak movement times of the week for 14 of North Americas most sought-after species including whitetail, turkey, waterfowl, elk and 10 other species.

Know the best spots to hunt

Compare stands by ideal wind

Set ideal wind directions for each stand you create on the map and compare stands by comparing your different stands.

Mapping without service

Download offline maps

Don't have service where you hunt? Don't worry, you can download maps and navigate with offline maps even when you don't have full bars.

Unlock all features

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