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About HuntWise

HuntWise is designed to help hunters improve their success in the outdoors by utilizing advanced species-tracking technology and mapping as well as connecting them with a community of dedicated sportsmen to seek and share advice. We strive to create the ultimate outdoor toolset that allows hunters to continue to pursue their passion.

HuntCastTM Predictions

As a hunter, you do your best to predict the best hunting conditions, but even the most skilled hunters can end up empty handed at the end of the day. That's why at HuntWise, we developed the strongest hunt prediction algorithm, HuntCast, which offers 14 different species to choose from and predicts the perfect hunting conditions for each.

HuntCast makes its predictions based on your plotted location, wind, temperature, pressure, general weather conditions, solunar calendar, time of day and season, saving you time and increasing your chances of a successful hunt.

HuntWise Prediction App Screen
HuntWise Gear App Screen


HuntWise gear tab gives you quick access to a vast selection of top-brand hunting gear and clothing so you can get ready for you next big hunt. Check out product information, specs, and customer reviews. Chat with other hunters about the gear they have used and what they can’t live without. Find everything you need for hunting big game to small game—right at your fingertips—so you can get outside and do what you love.

HuntWise Maps


HuntWise is one of the strongest digital toolsets available for hunters. We understand the importance of land management and navigation for active sportsmen, which is why we built an app that accurately depicts surrounding land features and boundaries, giving you the tools you need to be successful every time.

Don’t guess about where you are or what's around you, track every movement on the app with precise topographic and satellite imagery. You can also plot your stands and blinds for weekly predictions.

  Custom Land Management

With HuntWise Maps you can master the land you hunt. With twelve custom pins, you can digitally manage your property by plotting foot plots or trail cams.

  Topo & Satellite Layers

Topographic contours help you understand the elevation as you're planning your hunt. The satellite layer helps you be precise as you're using the maps.

  Share Locations to Friends

With the latest update from HuntWise, you can now share your locations with other HuntWise users. The pin plotting functionality allows for easy sharing of blinds, stands, trail cams, food plots, and an assortment of other pins.

  Ownership Lines & Info PRO

One of the hallmarks of the hunting community is respect. As sportsmen, we respect the property and boundaries of others. That's why with HuntWise Pro, you can now see public/private land boundaries. Take the guessing out of where you hunt by clicking a parcel of land to expose the property owners name, address, and land acreage.

  Phone Number Lookup PRO

By popular demand, we added the ability to obtain land ownership contact information with HuntWise Pro. With the press of a button, you can receive the address and phone number of the property owner, which allows users to access new hunting land or track down a wounded animal they know crossed into a neighboring property.

HuntWise Community App Screen


HuntWise was designed to create a safe place for serious sportsman of all ages to exchange stories, ask questions, share advice and maybe even boast a little about their latest kill. See thousands of photos and read stories of how other hunters achieved success. Chat with hundreds of thousands of hunters across the country and be a part of their success! You can keep a record of all your kills and HuntWise will keep a log for you.

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