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Bradley Smoker Pro 1019 Electric Smoker
Bradley Smoker Pro 1019 Electric Smoker

Bradley Smoker Pro 1019 Electric Smoker

HuntWise Reviews
Raise the bar when smoking your favorite foods with the advanced performance and big capacity of the Bradley Smoker Pro 1019 Electric Smoker. This smart, simple, and convenient smoker features digital controls with 1-button rotary selection for precise cook time and smoke-time control and adjustment. Improved temperature-sensing accuracy, advanced heating-element control, and built-in functionality monitoring and error reporting give you a smoking experience and control like no other electric smoker. Made of professional-grade stainless steel with an insulated cooking chamber. iSMOKE Technology gives you remote control on smart devices through Bluetooth technology, allowing you to control the temperature as well as cooking and smoking time. This advanced system also lets you share and download recipes and communicate with multiple smokers at the same time. Offers 806.4 sq. in. of cooking space over 4 cooking racks. Two 400W heating elements and two 100W bisquette burners for smoke deliver a wide range of precise and consistent cooking temperatures up to 320F. Housed in an internal feed tube, this smoker uses easy-to-use Bradley Bisquettes (not included), which self-load and burn cleanly with no flame to give you a trustworthy source of flavorful smoke. Dual temperature probes. Maximum smoke time: 10 hours. Manufacturers 1-year limited warranty. Cancer and Reproductive Harm- Type: Electric Smokers.