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Close-up of a morel mushroom on the ground, morel mushroom hunting concept.
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6 Morel Mushroom Hunting Tips Tricks

Many hunters use the off-season to hunt a different type of game: morel mushrooms. Finding a morel mushroom is like finding a $20 bill in a birthday card from 5 years ago. It's just an awesome find.

Not unlike shed hunting between hunting seasons, people often say finding these mushrooms is like finding a needle in a haystack. However, with a little know-how, some help from a modern hunting app, and a few general guidelines, you should be able to find yourself some of these tasty golden mushrooms. 


The process starts at home, and you can do much of the prep by e-scouting using an app like HuntWise. Knowing where to look for morel mushrooms is a large part of your battle. Then, knowing when to find them is the other half. 


Then you just have to go do it! Let this article help you get out and find some morels with six tips and tricks. 

Morel mushrooms on the ground, morel mushroom hunting concept.

Tip #1: Start with a Quality Mapping Platform 


We might be a little biased, but having a good mapping tool is essential to this whole process – and we believe HuntWise is the best app for a successful morel hunt. 


HuntWise offers some really great features to help you get started with discovering new morel mushroom grounds. 


Here are the essential features you get with HuntWise: 

  • Quality Satellite and Terrain Base Maps
  • Customizable markers for plotting locations
  • Over 250 map layers to identify potential morel mushroom locations
  • Land Owner Lines and land owner contact information (including phone numbers) for gaining access to private property. 

Much like using the app to e-scout land for whitetail season, HuntWise can help you find morel mushrooms!


Tip #2: Check Out Recent Burn Areas or Historic Wildfires


Morel mushrooms are often found in areas where recent fires occurred in previous years. Many states have maps that allow you to see the locations of fires, and this may be your ticket to locating a secret stash of morels. 


The HuntWise App also has a couple of layers that may be very useful for discovering these burn areas. In Michigan, for instance, HuntWise has a layer designed specifically for discovering recent burn areas.  


Tip #3: E-Scout by Types of Land Cover 


Morels almost always grow where there is forested cover instead of grasses or other ground cover. 


Specifically, look for (dead) ash, aspen, elm, and oak trees. You may also look near jack, white, or red pine, especially if the area was recently burned. 


The HuntWise App offers a custom layer called "Land Cover," which separates areas by types of land cover. You can toggle which types of land cover you would like to see. Use this as a reference for finding areas primed for morels.

Tip #4: Know Where You Can Go


Private land might be your best if you want to keep your secret spots quiet, but there are plenty of good public land options if you're on the ball and want to be the first on the hunt. 


Either way, when you're e-scouting for places to find morels, gaining access or finding access points are of top priority. You have two options: private land and public land.


Morel Mushroom Hunting on Private Land


The HuntWise app is an excellent tool for understanding land ownership boundaries if you target private land. It also allows you to find landowner contact information and ask for permission to access their property when needed. It's the only app that provides phone numbers so you can contact landowners in real time (so you never have to pause your hunt). 


Always be courteous and respectful when requesting permission. Private land gives you the ability to find a stash of morels that may have not been discovered. If you overlay the "Land Cover" area in the HuntWise App and the "Land Ownership" layer, you might uncover some prime areas not touched.


Finding Morels on Public Land


Public land might be your option if you don't have time to gain access to private land. You may have some competition on public land, but you also will most likely have access to far more land to scout. 


In the HuntWise App, many states have layers you can turn on to identify public grounds available to hunt. Use these layers as a starting point for your discovery. 


Again, by overlaying several different layers, you can triangulate your target areas. When you look at public property, burn areas, and ideal land cover types, make sure to drop a pin in the app and drive to that spot!


Tip #5: Find the Best Time and Go!


The morel season can change depending on how cold or warm a given year is, but the season may ramp up in the later part of March through May. 


Look for days when the temperature hovers around 60 degrees and night temps are around 40 degrees. Soil temps are generally in the 45-55 degree range. 


The day after a nice spring rain can also produce great results. Often, in the spring, you won't be able to distinguish trees and land cover solely by their leaves, so you should be able to identify these trees by their bark.

Close-up of the bark from an ash tree, morel mushroom hunting concept.

Tip #6: Plot Your Markers For Next Year


Prime morel hunting grounds may change yearly, but you'll often find successful spots to produce for several seasons. That is why plotting a pin on the HuntWise App is important to store all of your hot spots. 


After doing the work to scout good morel spots this year, hit up those same spots next year. You can also use the time in the field during your morel mushroom hunt to scout land for your next whitetail or turkey hunt! 


Close-up of someone using the HuntWise app, morel mushroom hunting concept.

HuntWise Helps Hunters Hunt Any Type of Game (Including Morels)


Morel mushroom hunting is an excellent excuse to get outdoors, scout land, and bring home a different type of trophy between hunting seasons! After whitetail season and as you get ready for spring turkey season, use your HuntWise app to find these mushroom treasures and get to know the land you hunt a bit better. 


You can also use the app's landowner phone number information to contact private landowners during the off-season. Building good relationships with landowners can be a lengthy process, so use your time during the off-season wisely! 


If you don't have the app yet, start your free trial today! Happy hunting. 


Content updated March 22, 2024. 



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