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Best Hunting Binoculars for 2024

Experienced hunters know that good hunting means good scouting. It's a straightforward principle: the more you scout, both before and during the season, the more fruitful your hunt is likely to be. 

When it comes to scouting tools, nothing surpasses the reliability of a good pair of binoculars. Excellent optics make all the difference, allowing you to pick up the nuances and changes in the natural environment from afar and start creating a plan for your hunt in real time.

What are the best binoculars for improving your hunt? Today, our hunters look at the best hunting binoculars for 2024 to help you get eyes on the big game you're after this season.  

The Importance of Glassing Game 

Glassing is a fundamental hunting technique that involves scanning a landscape for game from afar using binoculars or an optical tool such as a range finder. 

Glassing is most commonly done from a high vantage point, such as a hilltop or a tree stand. 

Some of the leading benefits of this strategy include: 

  • Increased visibility: Glassing allows hunters to see animals that they would not be able to see otherwise. Binoculars and spotting scopes provide a much greater magnification power than the human eye.
  • Better identification: Glassing can help hunters identify animals from a distance. This is important for ensuring you are shooting the correct animal that matches your tag.
  • Improved shot placement: Glassing can help hunters get a better idea of the size and location of animals. This can help you make more accurate shots.
  • More challenging: Glassing is a complex and rewarding activity. Trying to spot animals from a distance can be a lot of fun, and it's a great activity for preparing to hunt, introducing young ones to the sport, and learning about animal movements. 

When glassing, break down the landscape into a grid to cover all areas, target high-density areas first, take notes, and be patient and persistent.

5 Best Hunting Binoculars for Improved Glassing 

So, which binoculars should you pack in your bag for scouting and hunting? There are many binocs to choose from, but we think the following five are some of the best for hunters of any skill level. 

Top 3: Vortex Optics

We love Vortex Optics so much that they are one of our HuntWise partners. They produce quality binoculars that hold up well in the field and deliver sharp images to help you locate an animal and take a clean shot. 

Triumph HD 10 x 42 best hunting binoculars

1. Best All-Rounder: Triumph HD 10 x 42 

When choosing binoculars, durability should be high on your requirement list due to the sheer amount of time you'll pull them out of their pouch or slide them onto your tripod. 

The Triumph HD binos are nitrogen gas purged, meaning they're fog-resistant and sealed with o-rings for superior waterproofing. They're compatible with a tripod for long-term scouting and have adjustable eyecups for easy viewing. 

For an everyday, compact, entry-level binocular that will last a long time, the Triumph HD 10 x 42 is an elite option. 


Vortext Razor HD 10 x 42 best hunting binoculars.

2. Best for Western Hunting: Razor HD 10 x 42 

When we talk about western terrain, we're talking about brutal landscapes and complex conditions that put even experienced hunters to the test. 

For successful hunting in Western conditions, sharp imagery is essential to pick up on the slight nuances of animal movements, such as shadowing, in otherwise indistinguishable terrain. 

The Razor HD's HD optical system and 10x magnification offer unparalleled clarity, definition, and low-light capability, opening up a field of opportunity in an otherwise hard-to-hunt location. 


Vortex Diamondback HD 15 x 56 best hunting binoculars.

3. For More Magnification: Diamondback HD 15 x 56 

The Diamondback HD takes our pick for greater magnification, greater optical reach, and more robust light transmission. 

With 15x magnification, these binocs offer elite clarity and viewing quality over a longer distance. This opens up more hunting opportunities, allowing you to glass hard-to-spot game and cautious game that rests on the end of a regular binoculars limit. 


What About Other Binoculars?

While we love Vortex, they aren't the only quality binoculars hunters prefer. Here are two additional binocs to consider for better glassing. 

4. Best for Hunting and Other Outdoor Activities: Leupold BX-1 McKenzie 10 x 50 

Long-term scouting in rapidly changing conditions requires binocs that prevent glare in harsh light and boost visibility in low-light conditions. 

A level up from 10x42, the additional opening for light in the 10 x 50s helps boost visibility, especially in adverse lighting conditions. Based on the patented Advanced Optical System, these Leupold binos are consistent performers, especially during extended sessions. 

Troy Boehm, a HuntWise staffer and experienced hunter, hunts with these Leupold binocs. 

He says, "These binoculars are more than adequate for whitetail hunting in Michigan, based on the areas I typically hunt and scout. They are also big enough for me to take on hiking or camping trips to areas that are a little more vast."

5. Best Lightweight Option: ZEISS SFL 8 x 40 

Handy, durable, and lightweight, the ZESS SFL offers 140 meters at a distance of 1,000 meters, making it a valuable bino for quick, sharp scouting at a short distance. 

Due to the lightweight makeup and Ultra-High-Definition imaging, it's a valuable option for bird hunting, especially when distinguishing between species at a short glance.   

How to Choose the Right Pair of Binoculars

Why are the best hunting binoculars important when tracking animals during a hunt? 

Troy says, "Binocs allow you to see animals or structures from a distance that you may otherwise not be able to see or make out. They also help you identify your prey so you don't accidentally shoot, track, or mark the wrong species of animal you are hunting for."

What should hunters consider when looking for the ideal pair of binos? 

Troy adds:

"The most critical aspect of buying binos is the binocular descriptions, for example, "10x52," because this gives you information about the binoculars you are buying. 

The first number gives you the magnification number, while the second number gives you the objective diameter. For magnification, the larger the number, the farther you expect to range. The objective diameter gives you the resolution you can expect to see. 

The higher the number, the sharper the images will appear. Typical field binoculars range from 8x25 to 12x52."

HuntWise staffer Troy Boehm on a turkey hunt, best hunting binoculars concept.

Use HuntWise For E-Scouting and Gear Savings 

Most hunters will agree that scouting is a two-step process. 

  • The first step involves e-scouting to locate a general area with the most potential, as public hunting land is vast. 
  • The second step is to get out in the field and pick up where your e-scouting leaves off with boots on the ground. 

Maps help identify the best spots on specific tracts of land, too, and with HuntWise, you'll have the option of checking everything from boundary lines to customizing maps to set up the perfect glassing day. You can also mark what you see on the map while e-scouting and glassing. 

When you join HuntWise, you'll also save hundreds of dollars on gear and leading promotions of featured brands through our partnerships with leading gear brands, like Vortex, for your next set of binoculars. 

Choose the Best Hunting Binoculars and HuntWise for Success This Season

There are very few hunting items that you'll use more than your binoculars when out in the field. Choosing the right pair will mean seamless scouting and animal selection through a clear, magnified view. 

Remember that Huntwise is not only a trusted mapping and GPS hunting tool but also a trusted partner to a range of leading hunting brands, allowing you to build a backpack of quality gear (including top binoculars) for heavy discounts. 

Plus, your gear savings grow when you become a Pro or Elite app member! To get started on your best season ever, download the app and try it free for a week. 

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