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The best advocates for your brand are the people who use your products and believe in your story. HuntWise™ provides unique tools to increase your brand strength by utilizing the collective power of your influencers organic content. Authenticity rules.

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Put your brand in front of over a million passionate outdoorsmen who trust HuntWise as their go-to app for all their hunting needs. An average HuntWise user spends a minimum of ten minutes a day engaging with other users, using our advanced species-tracking technology and mapping tools, or exploring gear in the HuntWise gear tab. Don’t go unnoticed by thousands of hunting enthusiasts across the country. Give your gear the attention it deserves.

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Social Listening

Listen to what the web is saying about your brand. Monitor it all in one place so you can better understand the impact of your brand.


Engage with Users

Participate in the hunting community and your brand will shine. The best brands have authentic, genuine relationships that carry from business to friendship.


Talk with Influencers

With HuntWise, not only can you talk with your influencers, but you can create incentives to create movment towards your goals.

Data Talks

Activate your Pro-Staff

The users of your gear are your top advocates. Make sure their voice is heard. HuntWise allows users to tag their trusted gear and represent brands with authentic content. Brands can then view the effectiveness of influencers posts and capitalize on the point of sale on a log post.

Recommendations Matter

Be an Influencer

In today’s social-driven world, everyone has the ability to be an influencer. HuntWise is a platform where every day hunters or Pro Staff can talk about what gear brands they love and why. Every time a user posts in HuntWise, they have the option to tag the gear they are using. This allows your customers to be your greatest advocates.

Gear Reviews

Gain Valuable Brand Insight

HuntWise users are encouraged to voice their feedback by rating and reviewing gear on the app. This allows users to connect with other passionate hunters and share gear recommendations based on first-hand experience. Gear that receives great reviews will have the opportunity to be featured in our recommended gear category and “trending gear” within the gear tab.Get rated. Get noticed. Sell Gear. It’s really that simple.

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